NSA and Brazil

18 jun

With the advent of Wi-Fi technology, we’ve watched an ever-growing cellular related innovations convergence.

However, over the last few years, concerns about wiretap on the increased metadata that has been shared as an outcome of such an increase have also grown.

The tipping point seems to be the disclosure of classified documents covering a wide web of data collecting actions, perpetrated specially by the National Security Agency in the US, against its own citizens as well as governments, politicians (including first class leaders), and citizens from all over the world.

In order to avoid having the data generated inside its territory collected by the US, Brazil has recently reached an agreement to start a discussion along with the European Union to build up a transoceanic cable infrastructure to link South America to Europe (currently South America data has to be conveyed through cables in the US).

As that seems to be basically a high politic decision, reflecting firstly state strategy rather than a citizen oriented policy, one might wonder what can be done to avoid peoples data to be invaded by others.

To meet the surging need people have to avoid wiretaps and the likes, companies are now offering to public a new generation of smartphones. Recently (March, 2014) during an Telecommunications Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, companies such as Deutsche Telekom e Vodafone unveiled new mobile models, making a case that it’s rather reasonable to conciliate privacy with technology.

Souce: http://exame.abril.com.br/mundo/noticias/empresas-mostram-solucoes-antigrampo-em-feira-de-computacao


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